Scenes: A Cornfield in Winter

by iaians

Focus on the arabesque crystalline formation of frozen liquid. Notice the hexagonal form as it spreads out from the heart, the six icy legs stretch and spread in a veinous fashion. These small paradigms thermodynamically constructed as geometric art. Say “Thank You” to enthalpy. From a shapeless, artless phase, congealed into its wintery beauty. Watch it in free fall, how it dances in the wind towards its fate. Wonder what the air sounds like at its level. Even in the anechoic moments, in the most peaceful of times, what it must be like to experience that reality.

Pull back now, and see that it is one distinct piece of matter in the homogenous aggregation of others: dendrites and pellets, plates and bullets: all falling together but separate. Look how they work as an unconscious mass, moving this way and that, heaping together towards earth, collecting into this great body: eiderfalls.

See the enormous structures sprouting forth from the ground, which the flakes have accumulated around. These agricultural edifices line in successive columns, one after the other, creating a broken grid as far as the eye can see. They tower over the zebranivem, reaching for the sky. In the cold dash they remain upright, equanimous in the face of winter’s breath. An inanimate organic city bustling beneath the frozen sky.

Create more distance and turn the eyes to the background. Gaze at the monochromic paleness, the shades of grey shifting intensity to form the exterior lining of the horizon. Watch how the tens of thousands of crystalline whirlissimo descend upon the gelid timbers to create the hallowed outline. Can it be that such a phantasmagorical setting can exist in real space? More than the temperature felt from the sight alone, but the chthonic qualities that call out from its unspoken whispers. A palpable chiller that environs the community of psychohail and their cereal towers.

Concentrate instead on the stag in the foreground. Complete the scene. Fur wet with the hunter’s dream, a fine cape of it forming on the back. The red coat blends and contrasts with the surrounding as the ruminant tramples the albadune beneath it. It scavenges for abandoned cobs while its cladogramic bones creep like stalagmites out forth from the skull, scraping the grainy skylines, knocking them over as it feeds. The faint blonde micturition forms beneath it, liquidating the hundreds of little dendrites and plates below. How peaceful the scene plays as this colossal red creature lays the most quotidian, equable destruction down on the biotic landscape, met with the cries of muteness in this brutal scene of bucolic beauty.

Now breathe deep, and take it all in.



[Special thanks to Kate Bush. Inspired by her and Ira Estin’s photo.]