My name is Iaian. I’m a pseudo-intellectual, wannabe novelist who splits his time between writing shorts (which mostly go up on this site), reading all types of books, and consuming a wide eclectic range of music, whilst trying get this novel published.

Here at “Writings and Letters,” you’ll find mostly fiction, and the occasional non-fiction. Subjects I find myself returning to time and time again are: history (or the way we perceive the past), capitalism (from a critical POV), linguistics (or more so how language both helps and hinders society), the usual culture war-type subjects: feminism, racism, sexual orientation, general existentialism, music and movie reviews, and all the rest of it.

To paraphrase Philip Roth, who paraphrased Chekhov: “A writer’s job is to make a proper presentation of the problem.” With any bit of luck, that’s what I do with my writing.

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